Spring is roofing season

Energy Trust offers flat roof insulation incentives for multifamily properties up to 3 stories. Roof insulation keeps heat in during the winter and reflects heat during the summer, providing year-round comfort improvements for tenants while reducing energy costs. Take advantage of both the clear weather and Energy Trust incentives when pitching the importance of insulation for your next roofing project. See below for details and requirements.

Flat Roof Insulation (all property types)$0.30 per installed sq. ft.Electric or gas heated building. For buildings up to 3 stories.

Existing condition: R-5 or less

Retrofit requirements: R-20 or greater

For more details on all insulation incentives available for multifamily properties, visit the insulation web page. Use Form 320W to apply.

If you have questions, please contact Nate Collins, trade ally coordinator, at 503.278.3075.