Spotlight: Savings Within Reach

The Savings Within Reach track provides enhanced assistance for customers with moderate household income as defined by Oregon statutes.

To receive Savings Within Reach incentives, ask your customer to complete the Income Verification application, 310MIT prior to beginning work and submit it with the incentive application, Form 320MIT. Eligible trade allies can also offer On-Bill Repayment to Savings Within Reach customers through the Savings Within Reach On-Bill Repayment application, Form 321MIT. Participating Savings Within Reach trade allies must submit forms on behalf of the customer. To obtain these forms, email the Existing Homes trade ally team.

An individual’s income includes gross wages, tips, rental income, public assistance, social security or pensions, income from self-employment, alimony, interest or any other sources of income defined by the IRS.

To learn how you can offer Savings Within Reach incentives, schedule a custom Savings Within Reach training with your account manager.

Income guidelines:

Household SizeMinimumMaximum
8 or more$80,180$99,004