Solar program now provides business leads to trade allies

Energy Trust recently launched a new opportunity for solar trade allies to receive customer leads directly from the Solar program.

In the past, when customers contacted Energy Trust for information about solar, they were referred to the online list of trade allies and encouraged to call two or three companies to request proposals. As we all know, even motivated customers often stumble at this step. They may forget to make calls, get distracted by other demands on their time or get hung up trying to pick just a few contractors from the many options.

To overcome these barriers, Energy Trust is now offering to connect customers directly with local solar trade allies who can provide a proposal. The customer fills out a short form and answers a few basic qualifying questions. Then Energy Trust matches them with up to three solar trade allies who contact them to provide a basic assessment and bid at no cost.

If you’re a solar electric trade ally in good standing, you are eligible to participate in the Solar Lead initiative. Contact Lizzie Rubado, solar senior project manager, for more information.