Scams target homeowners, especially seniors

Energy Trust investigates potential scams to protect customers and trade allies. We have received a growing number of reports of scams in the past two months, including scammers who have misrepresented themselves as employees of  legitimate contractors to receive payments and access to customers’ homes. According to the Oregon Construction Contractors Board, CCB, at least 10 Willamette Valley contractors have been impacted by these scams so far.

We have worked with utilities and contractors to investigate similar scams in the past and developed a known scams web page to inform customers. Our customer service and trade ally representatives are prepared to assist with questions about potential scams. Please report potential scams involving any aspects of Energy Trust’s programs and services to us so we can review the situation.

The CCB issued a press release about scammers targeting homeowners, particularly seniors, throughout the Willamette Valley. The scammers demand upfront payments for maintenance and installation work, misrepresent themselves as employees or subcontractors of legitimate companies and sometimes claim that they have maintenance contracts on equipment inside homes. According to the CCB, these scammers operate without licenses and have installed equipment improperly. The CCB asks that customers report suspicious activity to law enforcement or the Oregon Department of Justice at 1.877.877.9392.

If you have questions, or want to report a potential scam involving Energy Trust, contact Tom Beverly, Energy Trust Trade Ally Network manager at 503.445.7637.