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On-Bill Repayment program updates

As of February 1, On-Bill Repayment program enhancements took effect. Based on trade ally feedback, these changes are designed to streamline the participation process and increase customer participation.

Savings Within Reach on-bill repayment

  • The bill impact estimator is no longer required to complete project submissions.
  • New equipment upgrades are eligible for financing, including Tier 3 heat pump water heaters, gas water heaters and windows that meet Existing Homes incentive requirements.
  • Energy Trust and Craft3 are increasing the loan maximum for Savings Within Reach on-bill repayment. Ductless heat pumps, heat pump upgrades and replacements, and gas furnaces will be eligible for a loan up to $6,000. Any combination of eligible measures will qualify for a loan up to $7,500.
Savings Within Reach on-bill repayment loan maximum
Up to $5,000Up to $6,000Up to $7,500
Attic/wall/floor insulationHeat pump upgrade or replacementAny combination of eligible measures
Heat pump water heater Ductless heat pump
Gas water heater Gas furnace

On-bill repayment for heat pumps

  • This loan offer is now available to customers of Pacific Power. Previously only homes primarily heated by Portland General Electric were eligible.
  • Owner-occupied units of condos and townhomes are now eligible to participate in heat pump on-bill repayment.

On-bill repayment for Washington

  • The bill impact estimator is no longer required to complete project submissions.

Existing Homes has updated on-bill repayment workflows for each financing offer to reflect these program enhancements. IT has also updated Craft3’s Participation Agreement to Invoice Summary, which has been simplified and no longer requires the homeowner’s signature. These workflows are a helpful reference for a step-by-step participation process. Contact your account manager for a copy.

For questions or if you would like to offer on-bill financing for Savings Within Reach customers, contact the Existing Homes team at 1.866.365.3526, option 8.