Reynolds School District puts three new schools on the Path to Net Zero

Playground at a school in Reynolds School District.Congratulations to Reynolds School District for taking steps to ensure its newest schools are built to offer outstanding energy efficiency and healthy air quality. Funded by a $125-million state bond passed by local voters, the three new elementary schools—Fairview, Troutdale and Wilkes—are replacing older buildings and all share the same high-performance design.

All three projects enrolled in Energy Trust of Oregon’s Path to Net Zero early in the design process, with each school set to save an estimated 1,700 therms and 240,000 kilowatt hours per year. Energy-efficient features include:

  • LED interior and exterior lighting
  • Advanced daylighting
  • Natural ventilation and other passive energy strategies
  • Variable refrigerant flow system with heat recovery
  • High-efficiency water heating
  • Solar ready design

These efficient and passive energy strategies provide other advantages beyond saving energy and lowering operating costs. The natural daylighting and fresh air create a safer, healthier environment for students and staff. Teachers in the district are even planning on using the energy-efficiency benefits of the new schools as a teaching tool.