Reminders for Year-End, Planning for a New Year

It’s been a busy year! Full preliminary program results will be shared in January, but 2021 has already been our biggest year ever. Trade allies are a big reason for that and we THANK YOU. As the year winds down, here are a few items to keep in mind and to get you ready for 2022.

Energy Trust Solar Incentives

Energy Trust will continue offering a full suite of solar incentives in 2022. A complete list of incentive rates, caps, and allocations will be posted in December 2021, once Energy Trust’s board of directors approves the organizational budget. Solar trade allies can expect the maximum allowable incentive per project to be similar from the end of 2021 through the start of 2022.

To continue to provide predictability and stability to the industry, Energy Trust will communicate information about future incentive offers as soon as it’s known.

Investment Tax Credit (Federal)

The Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) will remain at 26% in 2022 for both residential and commercial projects. The tax credit is planned to drop to 22% in 2023, with residential reaching 0% and commercial reaching 10% in 2024 (unless additional action is taken by Congress).

Solar+Storage Rebate (State)

The Oregon Department of Energy’s (ODOE) Solar+Storage Rebate Program will continue issuing rebates for solar electric systems and paired solar plus storage systems for residential customers and low-income service providers in Oregon. ODOE is expected to conduct additional rulemaking for the program from fall 2021 through winter 2022.

As a reminder, Energy Trust can help generate and electronically sign ODOE’s Rebate Request and Verification form in PowerClerk once your approved project has been installed. To do so, generate the form and request the required signatures when you notify Energy Trust that the project has been installed. You don’t need to wait for all the signatures to be completed to submit notice to Energy Trust. Once the signatures have been completed, you will receive an emailed PDF of the signed form, which can then be uploaded and submitted directly to the Oregon Department of Energy. For questions contact