Reminder: 2019 Solar and Builder Trade Ally networking opportunities

In recent years, homeowner demands for solar photovoltaic (PV) systems and solar readiness have increased while PV system costs have decreased–leading to more of an appetite for net-zero and net-zero-ready homes.

Compared to those who do not plan for solar, builders designing their homes for solar and solar ready from the beginning are learning a few key things: the builder experience is improved, it helps ensure a better return on investment for the homeowners and there is support from Energy Trust of Oregon.

To encourage this collaboration, Energy Trust is hosting four solar-focused networking opportunities in 2019–two in Portland, one in Bend and another in Southern Oregon. These events will highlight collaborations between local builders and solar contractors which simplify requesting bids and integrating solar into new homes. Some of the events will include site visits.

Specific details will be provided in Insider’s Training + Events Calendar as we approach the date of each event. Watch Insider for more information in the coming months.

Lake OswegoJune 20
Southern OregonOctober

For more information about these events, please email Matthew Mills, solar outreach coordinator, at 503.773.8665.