Recirculation pump incentive available for high-rise multifamily buildings

Add an energy-saving demand control system to a domestic hot water recirculation pump and receive a $420 cash incentive per qualified system. If hot water is continually pumped through the pipes in recirculation loops without demand control installed, heat in the system is lost from the pipes to the ambient air. A control system lowers energy use by turning the pump off when hot water reaches a specified high set point, and turns the pump back on when the water reaches a specified low set point.

To qualify for an incentive, the existing condition should be gas-heated water with one primary recirculation loop, and pump size between 0.5 hp and 1.5 hp with no existing control system. The building must be a high-rise multifamily, with three or more levels excluding a basement. The installed demand control system must turn the pump on at a return temperature of 100 degrees F and off at 105 degrees F.

For more information, contact Ruba Abdelal, trade ally coordinator, at 503.720.5462.