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A quick guide to improving your star rating

EH_Insider_JacobsTrade ally star ratings are based on customer service, quality performance and program service. Your star rating appears on Energy Trust’s Find a Contractor tool for customers. As your rating increases, you’ll also see an increase in Business Development Funds available to your business.

The following guidelines can help improve your star rating and increase your benefits.

Customer service—A full star is earned by following the customer service requirements in Energy Trust’s trade ally participation agreements and having fewer than four unresolved customer complaints on file with Energy Trust. To avoid customer complaints:

  • Prequalify customers before providing Energy Trust incentive applications
  • Clean your job site
  • Follow through with business promises
  • Communicate early and often
  • Address customer concerns to the customer’s satisfaction

Quality performance—A full star is earned by meeting Existing Homes technical specifications and passing quality verifications.

  • Review the 2016 Specifications Manual for technical specifications
  • Use the Complete Measure Checklists in the Technical Specifications section of the Energy Trust Forms and Resources page
  • Get answers to technical questions by reaching out to Existing Homes staff or contacting an account manager
  • Ensure the project qualifies before submitting an application
  • Attend manufacturer trainings and stay up-to-date on manufacturer specifications for proper installations

Program service—A full star is earned by submitting incentive applications without missing information or disqualifying measures.

  • Use online applications  to avoid missing information
  • Prequalify customers by checking their utility providers
  • Use application checklists to ensure all required steps are followed
  • Help your customers submit applications, or submit applications on behalf of the customer
  • Attend refresher trainings, or request customized trainings when you have staff turnover

If you have additional questions or need more information about star ratings, email or call 1.866.365.3526, option 9.