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Program and Incentive Updates

For Industry + Ag Program

Incentive Updates

Energy Trust of Oregon updates incentives and requirements on an ongoing basis to ensure we provide cost effective savings for utility customers and trade allies. Most incentive and requirement changes take effect on January 1 of each year. Any off-cycle or mid-year changes are announced by email and posted in Insider. 

The incentive changes below went into effect on January 1, 2023, and only apply to the Production Efficiency program. Incentives not included in the list below remain unchanged. 

MeasureChange or new incentiveIncentive amountRequirements
Irrigation Pump VFD, New or Retrofit New$500-$3,750 per installed VFD hp, up to 25 hp
Industrial Pump VFD, New New$150-$1,000 per installed VFD hp, up to 22.5 hp
Industrial Fan VFD, New or Retrofit New$200-$2,500 per installed VFD hp, up to 22.5 hp
Infrared (IR) polyethylene greenhouse cover Reduced incentive2022 incentive $0.10 per square foot

2023 incentive $0.08 per square foot
Industrial and Ag pipe insulation Reduced incentive2022 incentive $15.00 per foot (including bonus)

2023 incentive $10.00 per foot**
**No existing insulation. Pipes must be heated year-round (8,400 hours per year).
Industrial Boilers Reduced incentive2022 incentive $8.00 kBtu/h in*

2023 incentive $6.50 kBtu/h in*
*Incentives calculated on primary boiler capacity only; No back-up boilers. Boiler system must have design return temperature appropriate to condensing functionality. HVAC applications only.
Custom and calculated incentives for gas projects Increased incentive2022 $2.50 per therm, up to 70% of eligible measure costs

2023 $3.00 per therm, up to 80% of eligible measure costs