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For EPS New Construction

Online Residential Training

Free Energy Trust online trainings offer knowledge of Energy Trust requirements and best practices in the residential energy-efficiency industry.

After you view an online training, please complete the form—which appears at the end of the training—to ensure you receive participation credit.

Installation Animations

Watch these brief animations to review the required steps for installing showers, insulating ceiling knee walls, and framing and installing windows. Each detailed animation focuses on proper insulation, air sealing and moisture mitigation.

These animations are intended as a guide, and should be reviewed by the designer of record before being incorporated into your construction project. Make sure any details included in your plans are approved by your local building official prior to construction. If instances occur where local code or other regulatory requirements conflict with the recommendations in these animations, the authority having jurisdiction should be consulted and the local requirements should prevail. The local code official may ask for engineering calculation or other confirmation of the integrity of your design.

Neither Energy Trust nor any program implementation contractors or sponsors bear responsibility or accept any liability for the final construction, its compliance with any relevant codes, or its ultimate performance.