Packaged terminal heat pumps are a quick fix with big savings

Upgrading packaged terminal air conditioners with high-efficiency packaged terminal heat pumps is a simple retrofit that can lead to sizeable benefits. Many multifamily properties in Oregon, especially assisted living facilities, are fitted with packaged terminal air conditioners to provide in-unit temperature control and outside air for tenants. These types of units are often equipped with electric resistance heat and aging compressors that are fundamentally inefficient.

Packaged terminal heat pumps can provide the same in-unit temperature control and outside air while using about a third of the energy. Since new units fit into existing wall penetrations, installation is often quick and easy. With inverter technology and variable speed fans, packaged terminal heat pumps are an appealing option for multifamily property owners looking for affordable energy saving solutions.

Energy Trust of Oregon offers $200 per unit when either upgrading an existing electric heat unit or replacing a packaged terminal air conditioner with an electric heat system. Qualifying equipment must provide heat pump heating and be AHRI certified. More information can be found on the heat pump incentives page.

If you have questions please contact Nate Collins, trade ally coordinator, at 503.278.3075.