Oregon Residential Energy Code preview

The new 2023 Oregon Residential Specialty Code (ORSC) is scheduled to be finalized this fall and become mandatory in early 2024. Energy Trust tracks code changes closely to help prepare and inform builders and their trade partners.

The proposed code updates incorporate several changes to increase efficiency for new homes in Oregon, including one significant change regarding location of ducts. The current 2021 ORSC requires ducts to be deeply buried, meaning all ductwork must be located inside the air/thermal barriers.. Many EPS builders already exceed this requirement, opting to go a step further and install ducts in conditioned space. Under the proposed 2023 ORSC, ducts must be located in conditioned space. However, the proposed 2023 ORSC allows an exception for homes to deeply bury ducts. Under the exception, builders must select an additional measure from the options table.

Energy Trust will update EPS builders about the new 2023 ORSC code as it becomes final. The EPS New Construction offering will likely update to align with the new code baseline in late 2024.

Watch Insider for training webinars later this year to support builders as they prepare for this code transition. In the meantime, for questions about the EPS New Construction incentive offering 2023 ORSC, contact the EPS trade ally coordinator.