Option to assign incentive payment discontinued for Existing Buildings and Multifamily

Energy Trust’s option to assign incentive payment for the Existing Buildings and Existing Multifamily programs was discontinued as of April 5, 2021. In respect to the introduction of the site-specific incentive caps, as outlined in the Existing Buildings incentive updates article, the option to assign incentive payment is no longer available for trade allies and all incentives will be paid directly to the participant.

Energy Trust made this change to avoid a scenario in which a trade ally is not able to receive an incentive due to a participant having already reached the incentive cap for their site. For example, if a trade ally deducts an incentive amount on the invoice and later finds the customer has already reached the maximum incentive for their site, Energy Trust would not be able to pay the incentive.

This change does not apply to multifamily offerings that require the trade ally to deduct the incentive from the invoice, such as Savings Within Reach.

For more information, or questions about program changes for Existing Buildings customers, call 1.866.605.1676 or email existingbuildings@energytrust.org.