Offer incentives in an instant

EH_insider_0316_instantEnergy Trust instant incentives make it easier for customers to fit energy-efficiency improvements into their budgets by reducing upfront costs. Instead of a cash-back incentive for customers, three-star Existing Homes trade allies can provide an instant incentive as an immediate discount off your customer’s invoice. Energy Trust will then send you the incentive check in 4-6 weeks. Instant incentives are available for insulation, windows, water heating and heating systems. Seasonal bonus incentives can also be included in the immediate discount off the customer invoice.

To start offering instant incentives for your customers, check our training and education calendar for the next orientation or let us know you would like to participate. You can also contact your account manager. Please note that only trade allies with a three-star rating may enroll to offer instant incentives. Trade allies must have two staff members attend this orientation to be enrolled in instant incentives, including one decision-maker and one administrative lead.

If you have questions about instant incentives or your current star rating, contact the Existing Homes trade ally team at 1.866.365.3526.