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New rooftop unit incentives for NW Natural customers in Southwest Washington

Energy Trust is offering cash incentives for new and replacement gas rooftop units with manufacturer-installed controls purchased on or after July 1, 2017. Incentives are available customers of NW Natural in Southwest Washington, including new and existing buildings and new and existing multifamily buildings. Retrofits of existing units do not qualify. Incentives are available for economizers, demand control ventilation (DCV) and variable frequency drives (VFD). DCV qualifies when installed in an eligible building type where it is not required by code.

EquipmentRequirementsEstimated Average SavingsUnit Incentive
New rooftop unit with manufacturer installed Advanced Controls with demand control ventilation (DCV)
(Gas Heating)
Must have economizers
Must serve spaces not required by code to have DCV
Refer to application or contact program for eligible space types
21 therms/ton$29/ton

Contact Angel Swanson, trade ally coordinator, at 503.278.9440, for information on eligible building types and more details.