New Insider format coming in September

Insider readers will see a newly streamlined and reformatted version of the newsletter starting in September 2019. Insider will still provide key updates, links to training and events, contact information and relevant industry news, but the new format simplifies navigation so readers can easily locate what’s most important to them. The new design is also expected to reduce staff time needed to produce Insider.

The new design incorporates feedback from trade allies and Energy Trust field staff and is the result of a collaborative effort between internal marketing, trade ally and web team members. The goals of the redesign effort were to improve readership by focusing on trade ally needs, while also streamlining the bi-monthly development process. The new format eliminates the sidebar and organizes articles into a single column for improved visibility on mobile devices. Short article summaries will help readers decide what information is most relevant to them and quickly navigate to it. Important announcements from trade ally coordinators will head up the streamlined, bi-monthly emails and move their contact information near the top of the newsletter.

Energy Trust has also eliminated the general email as readership had decreased substantially and the content was often drawn from other sections. This helps reduce the amount of staff time needed to develop the additional email.

Trade allies will receive the newly reformatted Insider starting in September, 2019. We welcome feedback, suggestions and questions regarding the new Insider. Please send questions and feedback to Tom Beverly, Energy Trust trade ally and customer service manager.