New increased incentives for rental properties

As of July 1, trade allies enrolled in Energy Trust instant incentives will be able to offer increased incentives to property owners or managers of single-family rental homes in Oregon. These new incentives (shown in bold below) will be offered in addition to Energy Trust’s existing insulation and gas furnace rental measures:

Energy upgradeIncentive amountRequirementsEligible property type(s)
Ductless heat pump$1000HSPF 9.0 or greater. Compressor must be inverter driven. Replaces electric resistance heat or electric furnace as primary heat source.Oregon single-family and manufactured homes
Ducted heat pump$1000HSPF 8.5 or greater. Replaces electric resistance heat or electric furnace as primary heat source.
Tier 3 heat pump water heater$375Must meet Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance’s Advanced Water Heat Specification Tier 3 and replace an existing electric water heater.
Gas furnace*$55090 percent AFUE or greater. Must be home’s primary heat source.Oregon or Washington single-family and manufactured homes
Floor insulation$0.40 per square footIf R-0, insulate to R-30 or fill cavity.
Wall insulation$0.50 per square footIf R-4 or less, insulate to R-11 or fill cavity.Oregon or Washington single-family homes only
Attic insulation$0.50 per square footIf R-11 or less, insulate to R-38.

*This incentive is also eligible small multifamily (duplex, triplex, fourplex, condo or townhome) homes in Washington. 

For more information about incentives for multifamily homes in Oregon, visit Details about customer eligibility and project requirements can be found on the located in the Forms section of Insider.

If you have questions regarding single-family rental property incentives, or how to provide Energy Trust instant incentives, contact the Home Retrofit trade ally team at 1.866.365.3526.