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New incentives available for Existing Buildings customers

Energy Trust of Oregon’s Existing Buildings team is excited to announce that new incentives are available for commercial and multifamily properties in Oregon and Southwest Washington as of January 1, 2024.

Energy Trust now offers the following new incentives for Oregon customers as of January 1, 2024:

Measure NameMeasure Application2024 IncentivePrograms ImpactedState
Lodging and Commercial Food Service Measures
Ozone Laundry System • Each ozone laundry system must be new and installed on either new or existing programmable commercial washing machine(s).
• Each ozone generator may serve one or more washers.
• Water heating for clothes washing must be provided by boilers, or gas or electric water heaters. Water heating must be provided by a participating utility.
Incentive amount depends on the total laundry capacity:
$5,000 -$30,000 per system
Existing Buildings, MultifamilyOR and WA
Two-stage Gas Valves on Clothes Dryers• Valves must be installed on commercial gas-fired dryers Dryers must have 200 or fewer pounds of dry clothes capacity or 65 or fewer cubic feet of dryer drum volume
• Valves can be installed on new or existing gas-fired dryers
• Sites with on-premises laundry are eligible. Coin-operated laundromats are not eligible (OR only)
Multifamily buildings - WA only: $200 per valveMultifamily and New MultifamilyWA
Coin-operated Laundromats - WA only:
$400 per valve
Existing Buildings and New BuildingsWA
On-premise laundries - OR and WA:
$700 per valve
Existing BuildingsOR and WA
Grocery Measures
ENERGY STAR® Vertical Reach-in Freezer• ENERGY STAR 5.0 required
• Case must be packaged and self-contained with a built-in cooling compressor
• Case must have glass doors
• Used or rebuilt cases do not qualify
• Cases with remote refrigeration systems do not qualify
• Horizontal or chest-style freezers do not qualify
• Site must receive electric service from a participating utility
Incentive amount depends on the total case volume:
$40-$325 each
Existing BuildingsOR
ENERGY STAR Vertical Reach-in Refrigerator$20 eachExisting BuildingsOR
Multifamily HVAC Measure
Air-Cooled Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Multi-split Ductless Heat Pump• Multifamily systems can serve dwelling spaces and/or corridors. Equipment serving other common spaces does not qualify.
• Must install dedicated outdoor air supply (DOAS) with energy recovery meeting at least 50% enthalpy recovery efficiency
• DOAS air must be supplied at a neutral space temperature
• Each condenser unit must have a rated cooling capacity over 5 tons with variable speed compressor operation and must serve multiple ductless indoor evaporator units
• Additional Requirements apply, please see Form 320HVAC for complete information
$1.00 per sq ft of area served by VRFNew to MultifamilyOR

Additional requirements may apply, so please review commercial and multifamily forms for complete information.

For help with new incentives for Existing Buildings customers, please contact Heath Heiberg, Existing Buildings Trade Ally Manager, at