New incentive for DHW recirculation pump controls

Domestic hot water recirculation controls aim to reduce energy use for water heating and recirculation pumps by turning the recirculation pump off during periods of low usage. Energy Trust of Oregon offers a new incentive for both add-on and integral controls on central domestic hot water systems in multifamily properties. Aquastat, on-demand, and learning type controls are all acceptable. All multifamily property types with central water heating from a qualifying utility are eligible.

DHW controls on pumps less than 1/8 HP – $100*

DHW controls on pumps 1/8 HP and above – $500*

Use Form 320WH to apply.

*DHW and space heating must be from qualifying Energy Trust utility

For more information on the domestic hot water recirculation controls incentive, contact Nate Collins, trade ally coordinator, at 503.278.3075.