Residential SW Washington

New heat pump controls

On January 1, 2018, Energy Trust Residential changed the structure and requirements of the ducted heat pump and heat pump control incentives. In 2018, ducted heat pump installs are eligible to receive a $250 new heat pump controls incentive.

Some key requirements are:

  • The new heat pump controls incentive is available when installed on a new ducted heat pump with an electric furnace as backup.
    • New ducted heat pumps installed with a gas furnace backup are not eligible for the controls incentive.
  • A new thermostat must be installed along with the new ducted heat pump to be eligible for the controls incentive.
    • The thermostat must be connected to an outdoor temperature sensor or internet weather data. See the list of qualifying thermostat models.
    • The thermostat must be set to lock out the electric furnace at temperatures above 35 degrees or as close as possible.
    • Thermostats that can perform temperature sensing lockouts but are not listed may still qualify. For more information, contact or call our Trade Ally hotline at 866.365.3526.
  • The invoice must be paid in full and include the cost of installing and setting the thermostat.
    • If the total cost of performing the thermostat install and setting controls is less than $250, the incentive amount will be equal to the cost.
    • Document the controls’ itemized cost on the invoice and on the incentive application.