New EPS™ incentive for single-family homes

EPSNew in 2015, Energy Trust is offering a $75 cash incentive for Oregon customers who complete an energy performance evaluation of their home.

EPS™ is an energy performance scoring tool that considers operating costs, energy performance and environmental impact to determine the energy efficiency of a home. A home’s EPS can range from zero to 200, with zero being the most efficient and 200 being the least efficient. A low EPS identifies a home as energy efficient, with a small carbon footprint and low energy costs.

To receive an EPS incentive for single-family homes, customers must work with an approved trade ally contractor. Currently, only Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® trade allies who have completed a CakeSystems™ training provided by Earth Advantage can offer EPS incentives. Eligible EPS raters may apply to offer EPS incentives through CakeSystems with the customer authorization form 300EPS.

If you are a participating Home Performance with ENERGY STAR trade ally who would like to learn how to offer EPS incentives to your customers, contact the Existing Homes trade ally team.