New Buildings incentive updates for January 2024

Energy Trust updates its incentives throughout each year to ensure we provide cost-effective energy savings. The majority of changes take place at the end of each year. The following changes will take effect on January 1, 2024. These changes only apply to the New Buildings program. Please note that any incentives not listed below will remain at 2023 levels.

New Buildings program incentive changes effective January 1, 2024:

MeasurePrimary heating fuel2023 Incentive2024 IncentiveChanges to Requirements
Gas-fired Automatic Conveyor Broiler
Conveyor Width under 20"
Gas$2,000$2,500Incentive change
Gas-fired Automatic Conveyor Broiler
Conveyor Width 20-26"
Gas$2,500$3,000Incentive change
Gas-fired Automatic Conveyor Broiler
Conveyor Width over 26"
Gas$3,000$3,500Incentive change
Gas Steam CookerGas$2,000$3,400Incentive change
Double Rack Gas OvenGasNA$2,000New offering
On-demand OverwrapperElectric$275$350Incentive change
Heat Pump Water HeaterElectric$500$800Incentive change
Condensing Tank Water HeaterGas$3$3.50Incentive change
Condensing Tankless Water Heater (MF)Gas$300$140Incentive change
Condensing Tankless Water Heater (non-MF)Gas$200$140Incentive change
Condensing FurnaceGas$5.75Up to $8.25Incentive change
Data Closet Mini-Split A/C or Heat PumpElectric$200$250Incentive change
Ductless Heat PumpElectric$200$500Incentive change
Ice MakerElectric$150NADiscontinued and split into two new categories
Ice Maker, Self-contained unitElectricNA$180New offering
Ice Maker, Ice-making heads and remote-condensing unitElectricNA$400New offering
Commercial Clothes WasherGas or electric$300 and $200Up to $400Incentive change
Commercial Clothes Washer (gas only)Gas$65$100Incentive change
Commercial Clothes Washer (electric only)Electric$300$150Incentive change
Ozone Laundry SystemGas or electricNAUp to $7,500 per systemNew offering
Two-Stage Gas Valve on Clothes DryerGasNA$700 eachNew offering
Residential RefrigeratorElectric$50$70Incentive change
Commercial Reach-in Refrigerator/FreezerElectricNAUp to $325 eachNew offering
New Refrigerated Cases with DoorsElectricNAUp to $70 eachNew offering

For more information about incentive changes and effective dates, email the New Buildings Trade Ally team or call 1.877.467.0930.