New Buildings-enrolled projects transition from Solar Feasibility Study to Solar Development Assistance

In an effort to align solar offerings across market sectors, all projects enrolled in the New Buildings program will be eligible for the Solar Development Assistance incentive (FM 220SDA). This includes private companies that were previously excluded from the SDA offering. As a result, beginning September 30, 2018, Energy Trust’s New Buildings program will no longer process preliminary studies under the Solar Feasibility Studies (FM 520SF) incentive. Projects enrolled in the New Buildings program seeking the SDA incentive will be referred to

The SDA will also benefit the project owner and Solar Trade Allies for the following reasons:

  • Larger incentives (90 percent of cost, up to $1800)
  • More comprehensive studies due to more comprehensive requirements the project owner with a more comprehensive study
  • Reduced upfront cost to the customer since the incentive is paid to the Solar Trade Ally after the submitted materials have been approved

If you have questions about this process change, or about integrating solar into your new commercial construction project, contact the New Buildings team at 1.877.467.0930.