New bilingual quick reference guides for residential plans and job sites

Energy Trust of Oregon recently released four new quick reference guides on air sealing, duct sealing, insulation and ventilation, all featuring content in English and Spanish. EPSTM New Construction builders, as well as their design and installation teams, can use the guides in plan sets and on job sites.

A deeper look: Air sealing reference guide

This guide provides photos and direction about key focus points for air sealing and air barriers. Installers often overlook air sealing on rigid air barriers behind bathtubs, showers and fireplaces on exterior walls. Air sealing around air barriers is easy to implement, but it is hard to remediate after the bathtub or fireplace is installed. When installers don’t fully seal edges and seams on rigid air barriers, the home will not benefit from the air barrier’s ability to reduce air leaks and keep insulation in full contact with conditioned spaces.

This guide uses photos to illustrate the benefits of air sealing and air barriers. To ensure everyone on site knows the EPS New Construction requirements, builders can share the quick reference guide with subcontractors before they bid the project or begin air sealing.

Tips for putting the guides to use

Energy Trust recommends including the guides in project plan sets and displaying them as posters in highly visible areas on job sites. Builders can download PDFs of each guide on Insider. To request physical copies of the guides to post on job sites, email

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