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New 2017 Existing Homes Specifications Manual

Updates to the Existing Homes Specifications Manual are effective
May 1, 2017. A PDF of the new manual will be available for download on the Existing Homes Forms page. Print copies will be available by request (one per trade ally) and delivered by May 15.

If you would like to request a print copy, or provide feedback on proposed updates, please complete this quick form.

Proposed updates to best practices in the 2017 Existing Homes Specifications Manual include the following.

  • Heat pump water heaters
    • If only exhaust air is ducted outside of conditioned space, contractor should ensure combustion appliances are functioning properly and safely.
  • Dams around mechanical equipment
    • Where mechanical equipment is located in the attic and regular access is needed for maintenance, newly installed insulation shall not prevent or block access. Damming shall be installed around mechanical equipment located in the attic, e.g. an air handler cabinet, where heights of loose-fill insulation change to prevent loose-fill from piling up against the equipment and to provide access around the equipment for maintenance or replacement.
  • Ground covers
    • Crawlspaces with a concrete floor, commonly referred to as a “rat slab,” do not require a ground cover as long as the concrete is continuous and in good condition.

If you have questions about the new Specifications Manual, contact the Existing Homes trade ally team at 866.365.3526.