Commercial SW Washington

Nail down energy savings during summer roof replacements

Most commercial building roof replacements occur in summer and fall due to the break in wet, rainy weather.

If a heated building roof deck has no existing insulation above or attached below, Energy Trust offers an  incentive of 60 cents per square foot for added insulation of R-11 or better. If a roof deck has existing insulation of R-5 or less, the incentive is 30 cents per square foot to bring the R value up to R-20. Other insulation opportunities include attic, walls, and heated pipes. Incentives are available for both electric and gas customers in Oregon and gas-only customers in southwest Washington. Insulation projects typically pay for themselves in three to five years through reduced energy costs.

More information on insulation incentives is available here.

For additional information, contact Alex Snook, trade ally coordinator, at 503.407.7286.