Multifamily projects may be eligible for custom incentives

Trade allies working with property owners and managers of apartment complexes, assisted living facilities, campus living facilities, condominiums and townhomes understand the unique products, systems and controls needed in multifamily properties. These systems can consume high levels of energy and may be eligible to receive custom incentives for upgrading to energy-efficient equipment if not included in the multifamily standard incentives booklet.

Projects eligible for custom incentives are typically large and complex. Contact your Energy Trust advisor early in the process to determine eligibility of a proposed project prior to submitting an application. Custom incentives generally require an engineering study or other technical assistance in the project design phase.

Equipment upgrades such as direct digital controls, variable frequency drive controls, ventilation optimization, boilers, chillers, cooling towers and elevators can offer significant energy savings for customers and may qualify for cash incentives from Energy Trust.

For more information about custom project opportunities, contact Ruba Abdelal, trade ally coordinator, at 503.273.3006, or visit the multifamily custom incentives page.