Meet the 2020 EPS™ New Construction team

EPS New Construction has exciting team updates. Read on to acquaint yourself with the team members who will support verifiers and builders in 2020.


Cheryl LaCombeCheryl LaCombe, field and operations manager
Cheryl has over 11 years of experience in energy efficiency and holds BPI and HERS certifications. She serves verifiers and builders in Southern Oregon and oversees all field and operations activities. She has implemented new construction programs, incorporating successful program strategies.
Greg LasherGreg Lasher, verifier account manager
Greg supports the new construction builder and verifier network in Southwest Washington and the Portland area. He brings ten years of experience in building science, having worked for energy-efficiency contractors in the Portland area. Greg supports local homebuilders’ associations and has a background in sales and management.
Mike LillesandMike Lillesand, verifier account manager and quality assurance specialist
Serving verifiers and builders in Central and Northeast Oregon, Mike’s background in energy efficiency includes program field service and hands-on experience as a former owner of a weatherization company. Mike holds BPI, PTCS, CSBA and SHP certifications.
Matthew MillsMatthew Mills, verifier account manager and solar outreach coordinator
Serving verifiers in Portland, Salem, Hood River and surrounding areas, Matthew brings a deep knowledge of residential renewable energy systems, as well as expertise in building certification and energy auditing. Matthew works to expand the EPS builder network, often giving presentations at local conferences or hosting networking events for community engagement.
Casey PhillipsCasey Phillips, quality assurance and training specialist
Casey conducts third-party field quality assurance (QA) site visits in Southwest Washington to verify the installation of energy-reduction measures and compliance with EPS offering standards. He also processes third-party field QA for all regions, in addition to providing trainings to EPS subcontractors, builders and verifiers.
Dan WildenhausDan Wildenhaus, builder relations and technical advisor
Dan supports all technical components of the program, from development to management and from work in the field to work with engineers and analysts. Dan brings his 25+ years of experience (15 years in the field working as a contractor and rater), along with passion and excitement to all phases of his program contribution.


Isaac AmbrosioIsaac Ambrosio, incentive coordinator and quality assurance analyst
Isaac brings three years of experience as a data analyst and incentive coordinator. His areas of expertise include conducting data trend analysis and creating data visualizations. Isaac also manages multiple databases to facilitate the incentive pipeline.
Carrie BeeCarrie Bee, operations lead
Carrie leads the operations team, which reviews homes for file QA and processes incentives. Carrie also provides technical support to verifiers and manages AXIS development and support for the EPS offering. She has a background in energy efficiency and is experienced with building science, HVAC and IAQ. Carrie holds a BPI Building Analyst certification and a LEED GA certification.
Eleni EisenhartEleni Eisenhart, trade ally coordinator
Supporting new trade allies, Eleni processes documentation and provides insight on program processes and incentives. Eleni also serves EPS New Construction as a technical reviewer, guiding individual projects from application to completion and supports program marketing by coordinating newsletters and managing collateral updates.
Anna HilbrunerAnna Hilbruner, incentive coordinator and quality assurance analyst
Anna conducts file QA for new home energy models and technical documentation. She is responsible for accurate incentive processing and provides project tracking and reporting, including entering program data in customer, project and accounting databases.
Julia SinexJulia Sinex, quality assurance analyst
Julia supports research around emerging technology and strategies to strengthen the grid. For EPS, Julia’s primary roles are desk review of submitted homes through file QA and supporting analysis to ensure the offering’s ongoing success.