Maximize potential for solar, storage and electric vehicles with energy smart homes

Energy Trust of Oregon’s EPS New Construction offering launched a new energy smart home incentive package. Energy smart homes include appliances and equipment that are grid interactive, helping to future-proof the home. This makes it possible for customers to manage their energy and comfort through participation in utility programs designed to lower energy usage during peak periods—now and in the future.

To qualify for energy smart home incentives, builders must meet the following core requirements:

Electric service from Pacific Power or Portland General Electric
EPS home
Have both space heating and cooling equipment
Solar ready or installed solar
Electric vehicle ready or electric vehicle charger installed

Builders must also meet the following two conditional requirements:

Conditional Requirement 1
Conditional Requirement 2
Homes with electric water heating must have an electric water heater that is pre-enabled for utility demand response programs
Homes with central space cooling equipment must include an EPS New Construction-approved smart thermostat

These core and conditional requirements constitute the “base package.”

Builders are also eligible for the following additional energy smart home incentives beyond the base package: solar + storage ready and advanced wiring. Solar + storage ready requirements position the home occupant to install a battery storage system, and advanced wiring requirements position the home occupant to easily incorporate smart home devices in the future.

Builders interested in integrating energy smart home features such as electric vehicle ready, solar ready and solar + storage ready need to plan ahead. The graphic below outlines panel and wall space considerations that builders and their trades should reference to reserve the adequate amount of wall space necessary to qualify.

Energy smart home packages offer multiple ways to combine incentives that stack with EPS incentives. In addition to earning an EPS incentive ranging from $1,123 to $5,223 per home, builders can earn a $200 energy smart home base package incentive and even more from integrating optional add-ons such as solar + storage ready and advanced wiring.

To qualify for energy smart home incentives, builders must first become an Energy Trust trade ally. Before construction starts, builders should contact a program-approved verifier to establish the home’s eligibility for energy smart home incentives. During and after construction, your verifier will inspect the home for EPS New Construction and energy smart home measure compliance. Incentive payments are sent out at project completion.

Start building energy smart homes today by applying to be an Energy Trust trade ally. Contact the trade ally coordinator at 1.866.368.7878 or reach out to your verifier or account manager for more details.