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Maximize your benefits as part of the Energy Trust Trade Ally Network

Energy Trust trade allies receive many benefits, including business development funds, training discounts, use of the Trade Ally of Energy Trust logo, and technical assistance from staff. Two valuable benefits for trade allies are detailed below.

Business Development Funds
Trade allies can use Energy Trust business development funds to offset marketing and training costs. Trade allies can receive 33 percent reimbursement for approved marketing efforts, up to $15,000 per year. They can also be reimbursed for approved training costs.

Assignment of Payment Option
Customers have the option of assigning payment of standard incentives to their trade ally, allowing you, as their contractor, to reduce upfront costs and make projects more price-competitive. By reducing upfront costs, this option can also help you encourage customers to buy more efficient products. The option to assign payment can be found on the Standard Incentive Form 120P.

Visit the Insider pages for forms and instructions. For additional information please contact Aaron Lazelle, trade ally coordinator, at 541.460.1517.