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Marketing tip: Tracking marketing efforts with data

Evaluating your current marketing efforts helps you spend future marketing resources cost-effectively and maximize lead generation. To analyze your marketing performance, start with the following steps.

  • Pinpoint the source of your sales. What are the top sources of sales for your business? Track sources of closed sales and lead sources. Review results regularly and increase investment in marketing activities that produce leads that convert to sales.
  • Track web performance. Sign up for a web analytics service like Google Analytics, which is free for most small businesses. Web analytics can help you understand how visitors come to your website, what content interests them most, when they request services and when they leave the website. Apply what you learn to refine strategies for driving web visitors and improve your website design or content.
  • Ask your customers. At the end of each project, ask the client to complete a short survey. Why did they choose your business over your competition? What was the best part of working with you? How could you improve your service? Review surveys promptly and follow up by phone to address questions or issues, then apply those insights to your marketing content and strategy.