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Marketing tip: Get the most from your social media

ExistingHomesMarketingTipSocial media can be a valuable tool to help build your reputation and your business. But how do you use it effectively? The following tips can help focus your social media efforts, enhance your reputation as an industry leader and develop relationships with existing and prospective customers.

Start with a plan
Identify social media platforms that will connect you to your customers, and set clear goals for what you want to accomplish. Find out where people are talking about topics related to your business or product, such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Focus your efforts on one platform, and commit enough time to have an active, consistent presence.

Post regularly
Make time to post updates about completed projects, events you’re sponsoring, tips, advice, new products or technologies. Establish your expertise and avoid a hard sell. Post questions and invite your followers to comment and share ideas and experiences. Provide content your customers will find useful, and always identify your source. Mix it up between written posts, photos and videos.

Engage in conversations
Respond to all posts, comments and questions, and look for opportunities to build a conversation with followers. If a customer has endorsed you, post a thank-you note in a timely manner. Address any complaints or negative comments with a constructive, solution-focused response. Avoid being defensive or negative—your past customers and potential new customers are listening.

Be yourself
People choose to work with people they can relate to, so let your personality come through. Write in the first person but be professional, and use a tone that is helpful, respectful, honest and warm. You’re creating an impression with people who may refer friends and neighbors and become lifelong customers.

Build a following
Include social media links on your website and in your print advertising, brochures, business cards and direct mail. Invite your email subscribers to follow you on social media platforms. Engage with customers or other industry leaders on their social networks to broaden your base.