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Marketing tip: Deliver on your promises

The most successful businesses make promises and keep them. They create clear expectations for what customers will experience, then deliver on their obligations with every interaction. For businesses of all sizes, following through on commitments builds brand value and earns customer loyalty.

Here are a few tips to ensure your business delivers on its brand promise:

  • Involve your team. All of your employees are ambassadors for your brand, whether they answer phones or work in the field. Make sure your staff is on board with the customer experience you want to create.
  • Put it in writing. Make your brand promise part of your business culture. Make the promise a part of training new employees and include it in marketing materials.
  • Lead by example. Set the tone for how your team treats customers and conducts business. Your positive attitude, follow through and prompt actions set clear expectations that everyone can emulate.
  • Give recognition. Appreciation and recognition go a long way. Be on the lookout for employees who go the extra mile to deliver on your brand promise, and reward them for their actions. They can be powerful role models for their peers.

Your investment of time, enthusiasm and leadership will build a culture that creates great customer experiences and helps your business thrive.