Location, location, location: Considerations for heat pump water heater installation

EH_HPWH_InsiderOne of the most important factors to consider when installing a heat pump water heater is location. Heat pump water heater manufacturers require adequate clearance for performance purposes and warranty guidelines. Make sure to inform your customers of the following considerations before installing a heat pump water heater.

  1. Clearance: Most heat pump water heaters need at least 7 inches of clearance to qualify for incentives and meet service warranty guidelines. Pay special attention to allow adequate clearance around the air intake and exhaust to avoid impacting the unit’s performance.
  2. Cold air: Heat pump water heaters exhaust cold air. Most units require 700 to 1,000 cubic feet of space, yet ducting or vents may allow for installation in smaller spaces.
  3. Noise: Heat pump water heaters have fans and compressors that make noise, so it’s best to install them away from living and sleeping spaces.

Check with your manufacturer for specific clearance requirements and warranty service guidelines.

For a complete list of program requirements for heat pump water heater incentives, refer to the 2016 Existing Homes Specifications Manual.

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