Lighting Tool corrections and updates

A few minor errors were recently discovered and corrected in the 2018 v01 Lighting Tool, and a new version was distributed to trade allies. As of March 1, 2018, all projects submitted for an incentive agreement are required to use the new 2018 Lighting Tool, which includes corrections. It is not necessary to transfer existing projects to the new v01.3 Lighting Tool: the errors will be corrected by our team when the project is submitted.

The errors corrected in the updated Lighting Tool 2018 v01.3 (version number noted at the top of the 100L tab) include:

  1.  Equipment Type tab
    1. Corrected cell auto-fill issue.
  2. 103L tab
    1. Estimated savings on the 103L tab was showing total incentives, including controls. This has been corrected to only show savings calculated for the 103L section.
    2. Existing equipment watts per fixture table updated to new standards.
  3. Controls tab
    1. Controls section duplicate formula resulted in incorrect, higher controls savings being calculated. This also resulted in an inflated incentive when a custom controls incentive was chosen. Prescriptive controls incentives were not affected. The formula is now corrected to show the correct savings and the correct custom incentive amount for controls.
  4. Project Estimates tab
    1. ROR cell reference corrected to show ROR after incentive.
    2. ROR corrected to show as a percentage.
    3. Project payback corrected to show payback in years.
    4. Correcting project payback also corrected stated energy savings.

In the future, each time you begin a new Lighting Tool, please use the link provided in the monthly Commercial and Industrial Lighting Trade Ally email. The Lighting Tool is updated occasionally in real time and using that link will ensure you are using the most recent version. Please do not download and save a copy of the Lighting Tool on your computer as it may not be current and could be subject to corrections when submitted.

The updated 190L Commercial and Industrial Lighting Incentives form and highlights of technologies with significant changes are available in Insider.

For questions about the corrections or other lighting incentives and requirements, please contact one of our lighting specialists or Aaron Leatherwood, program manager.