Increases implemented for four residential incentive offers

In response to current market conditions and available budget, Energy Trust has increased select residential customer incentives. The increases were enacted to further support the deployment of residential paired battery storage systems and solar installations for moderate-income homeowners in PGE territory and battery storage systems for homes in Pacific Power territory. Increases went into effect on April 29, 2024.

Increases are summarized below:

TypeOld incentiveNew incentive
PGE Battery Storage for Homes$250/kWh up to $3,000$500/kWh up to $6,000
Pacific Power Battery Storage for Homes$250/kWh up to $3,000$500/kWh up to $6,000
PGE Solar Within Reach$0.90/W up to $5,400$1.20/W up to $7,200
PGE Battery Storage: Income-Qualified$750/kWh up to $10,000$1,000/kWh up to $13,000

It is Energy Trust’s hope that these incentive increases will help provide stability to the industry, while reinforcing our strategic goals of supporting projects with a focus on equity, resilience, and grid-flexibility. There are no changes to eligibility requirements or the application process.

If you have an existing application in PowerClerk in any status up to “Funds reserved” AND no material changes have been made to the site, please reach out to to request an exception so that a new incentive agreement may be signed. The most up-to-date incentive information can always be found on the solar status report.

Please reach out to if you have questions about these incentive increases.