Home Retrofit

Incentive increases coming October 1, 2023

Energy Trust will increase incentives for some Home Retrofit projects this fall. Starting October 1, 2023, customers can receive increased incentives for certain gas furnace, ductless heat pump, heat pump, and contractor-installed thermostat offers. These increased incentives are expected to remain in place throughout 2024.

Please see the below table for updated incentive amounts. Note there are no requirement changes.

Energy UpgradeOffer TypeCurrent Incentive (through Sept 30)Increased Incentive (starting Oct 1)
Ductless heat pump replacing electric resistance heatStandard offer$500Up to $1,0001
Rental promotion$1,500$1,800
Rental property$1,000$1,800
Savings Within Reach$1,000$1,800
Multifamily residence$800$1,800
Gas furnace (must be 95% AFUE)Community Partner Funding$1,400$1,600
Rental property$1,000$1,600
Savings Within Reach$1,000 $1,600
Extended capacity heat pumpStandard offer$650$1,000
Rental property$650$2,000
Savings Within Reach$650$2,000
Community Partner Funding$650$2,000
Extended capacity heat pump replacing electric furnaceStandard offer$1,350$3,000
Rental property$1,650$3,000
Savings Within Reach$1,650$3,000
Community Partner FundingN/A$6,000
Heat pump replacing electric furnaceStandard offer$700$1,000
Rental property2$1,000$3,000
Savings Within Reach$1,000$3,000
Smart thermostatAny offer3$100$250

1 Ductless heat pumps installed replacing electric zonal heat (ex. baseboard, wall heaters) are eligible for $500 if an additional non-electric heating source is present in the primary living space.
2New $3,000 incentive only eligible for single family rentals. Multifamily rental property incentive to remain $1,000.
3If installed in a side-by-side or condo/townhouse unit, must be primarily heated by a gas furnace. Contractor-installed smart thermostats in electric heated homes incentives remain at $100.

If you have questions regarding these incentive amounts, please contact the Home Retrofit trade ally team at 1.866.365.3526.