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Incentive for gas fireplaces with on-demand ignition to be discontinued on March 1

On March 1, 2015, Energy Trust will no longer offer cash incentives for gas fireplaces with on-demand pilot ignition because they do not meet cost-effectiveness requirements.

While intermittent pilot ignition units completely shut off the pilot light when the main burner is off, on-demand units allow customers to manually leave the pilot light running. Energy savings estimates are significantly higher for units equipped with the intermittent pilot ignition rather than on-demand ignition.

Energy Trust will continue to offer cash incentives for direct-vent gas fireplaces with an intermittent pilot ignition through 2015.

On January 1, 2015, the Qualified Products List of gas fireplaces eligible for cash incentives was updated to remove on-demand units and reflect 2015 changes to incentive levels. Energy Trust will continue to honor cash incentives, as well as the seasonal direct-vent gas fireplace bonus, for both on-demand units and intermittent units that are installed on or before February 28, 2015.

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