HSPF2 requirement for ductless heat pumps reduced

Energy Trust of Oregon aligned with a new federal testing standard for ductless heat pumps sold in the residential sector in 2023. The new procedure, detailed by the US Energy Information Administration, used higher external static pressure to more accurately measure conditions of a unit’s fan. This additional layer of testing provided more precise energy efficiency ratings of evaluated ductless heat pumps.

After Energy Trust reevaluated these standards in 2024, it was determined that the previous 8.55 HSPF2 requirement for ductless heat pumps was overestimated and higher than necessary. Effective immediately, Energy Trust will require a minimum HSPF2 of 8.10 for ductless heat pump projects to qualify for incentives. This reduction will allow more systems to qualify for Energy Trust incentives while still making customers’ homes more energy efficient.

All other requirements and incentive amounts will remain the same. Energy Trust applications and program information sheets have been updated to reflect the new requirement.

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