How to use instant incentives for your Multifamily customers

Energy Trust trade allies can offer instant incentives to customers as a simple way to gain a competitive edge. Incentives can be deducted from the customer’s invoice and paid directly to the trade ally, which reduces their upfront costs and simplifies the customer experience.

Both Multifamily incentive applications, Form 320P and Form 320W, include a section labeled “Option to Assign Payment” on the last page. To use the instant incentive option, simply have your customer fill out that section of the application, listing your business as the payee, and ask them to sign under “Participant Authorized Representative.” You can then deduct the incentive as a line item on the invoice and submit the application. We will pay the incentive directly to your business or other assigned payee.

For more information on instant incentives for Multifamily customers, contact Nate Collins, trade ally coordinator, at 503.278.3075