How to use instant incentives for multifamily customers

Providing an Energy Trust incentive at point-of-sale reduces your customer’s out of pocket expense and can give your business a competitive edge. Multifamily applicants have the option to assign incentive payments to the contractor by using Form 320A. When using the instant incentive option, the contractor will receive the incentive directly from Energy Trust on behalf of the customer.

Follow these steps to use the Assign Payment Form 320A for your multifamily project:

  1. Customer signs as the “Participant”
  2. Contractor signs as the “Payee” (information must match W-9)
  3. Provide mailing address for check
  4. Attach completed Form 320A to standard incentive application form and submit
  5. Receive cash incentive check within 6-8 weeks

If you have questions about using the Assign Payment option, Form 320A contact Nate Collins, trade ally coordinator, 503.278.3075.