How to support and stay engaged with your clients while social distancing

Homeowner working on laptop

During these uncertain times, many people find themselves having to modify both their daily lives and their business operations. Some homeowners may defer non-essential purchases to focus instead on immediate needs and may avoid having additional people in their homes.

Here are a few tips to help you stay engaged during this time:

  • Focus on minimizing social contact. Refrain from any unnecessary in-person meetings. Utilize phone calls, emails and video calls to assess a homeowner’s house and equipment in order to remotely bid or prepare for a job.
  • Shift your focus to immediate needs. Many homeowners are focused on their needs, instead of their wants. Adapting to this new dynamic can mean halting promotion of expensive equipment or voluntary upgrades. Be prepared to assist with a customer’s immediate needs, including emergency equipment servicing and replacement. Stay cognizant of media efforts that may no longer be relevant.
  • Acknowledge the change in lifestyle. Think about how certain equipment or upgrades will benefit a homeowner’s immediate needs in the case of emergency upgrades or replacements.
  • Evaluate your channel mix. As many continue to practice social distancing, look at where and how people will get their information. Consider adjusting marketing efforts from out-of-home and event sponsorship to digital media, TV and radio. Use your own website, blog, newsletter or social media channels to demonstrate that you empathize with your customers and can still meet their needs in a healthy and safe way.
  • Support your community. Support your local community with food, personal supplies or protective gear donations. Empathize with those around you, and rally to support one another.

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