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Home Retrofit incentive changes effective next year

Energy Trust of Oregon updates its incentives at the beginning of each year to ensure we provide cost effective savings to our customers and trade allies. The following changes take effect January 1, 2021, and only apply to the Home Retrofit offering. Incentives which are not listed below will remain unchanged at the beginning of 2021. Starting January please use our revised application forms available here.

Home Retrofit incentive changes effective January 1, 2021:

MeasurePrimary Heating FuelDetails2020 Incentive2021 Incentive
Heat pump replacementElectricHeat pump replacement incentives will only be provided when replacing electric forced air furnaces

Heat pump replacements will require an auxiliary heat lockout

Heat pumps can no longer replace zonal electric heating systems. Non qualifying replacements include: baseboard, wall heaters or ceiling heat

Heat pump replacements cannot be combined with other controls incentives
$700$950 (1.1.2021- 3.31.2021)

$700 (4.1.2021-12.31.2021)
Heat Pump Advanced Controls (HPAC)ElectricHeat pump replacing existing heat pump where a thermostat is added to control auxiliary heat

HPAC incentives may not be stacked with heat pump replacement as auxiliary heat lockout is now required for heat pump replacement incentives
Showerhead, shower wand, kitchen aerator, bath aerator (trade ally direct install) Electric, GasTrade ally direct install incentive is discontinued VariesDiscontinued

For more information about incentive changes and effective dates, contact the Home Retrofit team at 1.866.365.3526.