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Helping customers get the most out of their ductless heat pumps

Energy Trust of Oregon has taken several helpful steps to educate clients on proper ductless heat pump usage.

We have provided a print guide for ductless heat pump installers to hand out to customers and for field staff to use at events. We’ve also used the same tips from the printed guide in an email to past participants who have installed a ductless heat pump since 2012.

In addition, there are several upcoming social media campaigns. The first campaign, to be posted this fall, is a broad overview campaign about ductless heat pumps and their benefits. This includes information on how they should be used, placement recommendations and when we would provide incentives. The second campaign is an animated video of the usage tips included in the aforementioned print guide and email, which will be posted later this year.

These efforts should drive interest from prospective customers and help customers who already have ductless heat pumps better understand the technology so they can get the most out of these systems.

For additional information about these educational efforts, or for help with questions, please contact the Residential trade ally team, or call us at 1.866.365.3536.