Heat Pump On-Bill Repayment expanded to multifamily homes

Duplex multifamily property.Energy Trust and Craft3 have worked together to expand the Heat Pump On-Bill Repayment option to qualified owner-occupied residences in multifamily properties.

Eligible Properties and Equipment
Ductless heat pump, ducted heat pump and heat pump controls projects in qualified owner-occupied multifamily residences are now eligible for financing through Craft3’s Home Energy Loan and repaid on the customer’s utility bill. Ductless heat pumps are eligible in all multifamily property types, and ducted heat pumps and heat pumps advanced controls are eligible in duplex, triplex, fourplex and side-by-side structures such as townhomes. Refer to the updated Heat Pump On-Bill Repayment Incentive Application Form 321HP for details on incentives and specific property type eligibility.

To Participate
Trade allies currently enrolled in Heat Pump On-Bill Repayment must also be enrolled in the Existing Multifamily program to offer the service to multifamily properties. Craft3 is now accepting applications for Multifamily Heat Pump On-Bill Repayment projects.

For questions regarding the Multifamily program, your Multifamily program trade ally status or property eligibility, contact Nate Collins, Multifamily trade ally coordinator, at 503.278.3075.

For questions regarding On-Bill Repayment please contact Craft3 at homeenergy@craft3.org, 888.231.2170 ext. 225, or visit Craft3.org/HomeEnergy.