Find the right application form for existing multifamily incentives

Submitting the correct incentive application for a project is a critical part of the incentive payment process. Incomplete or incorrect applications can cause delays in incentive payments. Understanding all available incentives, offerings and requirements is critical when explaining Energy Trust benefits to customers. A lack of understanding can result in misinformation and ultimately degrade customer relations.

When working with multifamily properties, it is important to know how incentives are categorized. The following provides a simple breakdown of the current incentive application forms. Note that condominiums and townhomes owned by an individual have unique forms.

Participant enrollment

Form 300N – Enrollment agreement for multifamily participants. This form is needed for instant savings measures, walkthrough surveys and custom projects. Not necessary for standard equipment upgrades or weatherization projects.

Standard equipment upgrades

Form 320P – Appliance or HVAC equipment, outlined in the standard incentive booklet.


Form 320W – Windows and insulation, found in the standard incentive booklet.

Individually owned condominiums and townhomes

Form 301R – Participant authorization form, equivalent to Form 300N enrollment agreement for condos and townhomes.

Form 320R – Incentive application for standard equipment upgrades and weatherization for condos and townhomes. View standard incentives for condos and townhomes.

View a complete list of forms for multifamily properties including lighting and foodservice equipment.

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