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Fall tips for Existing Buildings energy savings

Fall is a great time to check in with your customers and encourage periodic maintenance that can improve energy efficiency and reduce costs in commercial buildings. Here are some ways to help bring more energy efficiency to your customers:

Lighting and supplemental loads

  • Follow a strategic lighting maintenance plan of scheduled group relamping and fixture cleaning.
  • Measure and ensure proper light levels.
  • Calibrate lighting controls.

Building envelope

  • Tighten the building envelope by locating and sealing air leaks in the windows, doors, walls and roof.


  • Calibrate indoor and outdoor building sensors. Calibration of room thermostats, duct thermostats, humidistats and pressure and temperature sensors should be in accordance with original design specifications. Calibrating these controls may require specialized skills or equipment, such as computer software.

Heat exchange equipment

  • Clean the air side of heating and cooling coils, either within an air handler or rooftop unit, to reduce deposit buildup.
  • Replace filters on a regular basis.

Heating and cooling system

  • Conduct a boiler tune-up and steam trap maintenance.
  • Maintain cooling towers.
  • Clean air-cooled condenser coils.
  • Replace refrigerant filters as needed.