Expanded On-Bill Repayment financing for heat pump controls

Woman in garden with heat pump in foreground.On January 1, 2018, Energy Trust’s Residential program changed the structure and requirements of the ducted heat pump and heat pump control incentives. A $250 incentive for heat pump controls is now available for new and existing ducted heat pumps that are paired with an electric furnace for auxiliary heat.

If a project is eligible for the heat pump controls incentive, it can be financed via On-Bill Repayment regardless of whether the new heat pump is eligible for an incentive. This includes qualifying ducted heat pumps replacing electric resistance heat (such as baseboard heat, wall heaters and electric furnaces) as well as non-qualifying ducted heat pump upgrades from an existing heat pump or non-electric heat (such as oil, propane, gas and wood).

Eligibility requirements for heat pump controls:

  • The new or existing heat pump must have electric furnace auxiliary heat. The thermostat must be set to lock out at 35°F or as close as possible.
  • Heat pump controls must be included in the qualified products list.

Read more about eligibility for heat pump controls. Learn more about On-Bill Repayment options in INSIDER or call the Home Retrofit trade ally hotline at 1.866.365.3526.

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